1. Families who intend to enroll must have a like profession of faith and agree with SCA beliefs, goals and mission. Family must attend a local church. Family will study the Parent/Student/Teacher Handbook Contract with the child and all parties will sign the contract.
  2. Registration is $200, covers placement testing and 1/2 year of curriculum. This amount is part of the tuition. Families are required to participate in a monthly fellowship mtg and log 20+ hours of volunteer work at the school. Family can pay $100 per year in place of volunteer hours.
  3. Tuition is set at $4,000 per year. If fully paid by July, there will be a 10% discount. If paying monthly, the fee will be $400 and if paying daily, the fee will be $23 per day times how many days in that week. For multiple students in one family there will be a discount as follows: 2nd child 15% discount, 3rd child 20% discount, 4th child 25% discount…
  4. Teacher and students will provide 2 programs per year. Graduations will be planned for 12th grade only.
  5. Field trips will be planned periodically throughout the year and may incur a small charge per student.
  6. Health Procedures: SCA does not require mandatory vaccinations but we are required by FL state statutes  to retain on file a copy of your county records kept in the permanent student file. SCA promotes a healthy lifestyle of living and eating; using common sense in matters of health and wholeness. If there is a fever present, a communicable disease or severe discharge, the student should not be sent to school. If these symptoms occur or develop at school, the parent will be called to pick up their child.
  7. The school day will begin at 8:30. Students should arrive 5-10 minutes prior to be able to unpack and prepare for morning worship. The school day will end at 3:30. Students should be picked up between 3:30 and 3:45. There will be before and aftercare which will be billed at $15 per hour and billed weekly.
  8. Electronic devises will not be allowed during class time. If the child has one, it will be signed in to the teacher to be held in a safe place. The student will be able to use the devise only with teacher permission.No internet will be available to students.
  9. Dress Code: SCA does not require uniform. We believe the Bible teaches modesty and respect, therefore we ask that all clothing for students and faculty not exceed 1-2 inches from the neck and 1-2 inches above the knee. No sleeveless shirts or tops allowed and recommend we stay away from outlandish fashions. If women and girls are wearing skirts above the knee we recommend leggings or shorts be worn beneath.


Please contact us today for a registration packet.